About the Pre-School

The Messiah Lutheran Pre-School was started in 1979  by Joan Morris during the ministry of The Reverend Thomas L. Blevins and continues today under the leadership of  The Reverend Karl Guhn.  Our Pre-School Director is M. Marianne Smith.

The School is located at 2939 Colton Boulevard  and  offers 2 class schedules with both beginning at  9:00  until 11:30 a.m. :  Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday & Friday.

A Kindergarten Readiness class is offered on Thursdays from either 9:00 until 11:30 a.m. or 12:10 until 2:40 p.m.


The purpose of our Pre-School is to assist parents in the development of their children by offering pre-school children ages’ 3 to 5, a Christian setting in which to grow, learn, and develop.  We enjoy being able to teach children about God’s word through story, play, and song.


Our goal is to help your child grow and develop as a whole person: emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually.  We will strive to aid parents in the understanding of age-appropriate curriculum and guiding their children’s development.

Pre-reading skills will be developed through the day’s activities including stories, music, and dramatic play.

Basic skills such as numbers & letter recognition, colors, shapes, sizes, etc., will be presented as the child is ready, through art, play dough, blocks, puzzles, etc.

Small motor skills will be enhanced through manipulative toys, puzzles, and child safe scissors.

Large motor skills will be developed through play, running, jumping, wheel toys, and creative movement to music.

Pre-K classes are introduced to phonics and math skills through art, cooking, science, and other hands-on activities.

Age-appropraite Christian concepts such as love, kindness, sharing, and Jesus is God’s son will be presented through stories, music, and crafts.

Discipline and Guidance

The goal of discipline is to help the child learn self-control.  Positive behaviors will be reinforced.  The teacher will stop any action that puts the child or another child in danger.  Rules will be stated.  Redirection, or “taking a breather” may occur.  Cooperation is emphasized.

“To Share God’s Love by Caring For All”